Month: June 2019

What you should know about your loan installment.

  The first thing that we must be clear before applying for a loan is what our need for financing is and the possibilities we have to repay it. Once we know this, it is so important that we inform ourselves of the requirements and conditions that we must meet when we access the credit Read More

Problems paying your loan installments?

  On these dates it can be read in some specialized journals that the delinquency rate of some financial institutions is increasing, that is specifically due to the delay or non-payment of the debts of those people who requested a loan. Generally when someone applies for a loan, they always have a sufficient source of Read More

Near Payment by Credit Card

Paying revolutionizes: Cash begins to disappear from the street scene and people’s pockets. It has been replaced by a growing variety of mobile payment applications and debit and credit cards which are still the most popular payment in Finland. Near Payment is one of the growing trends. In proximity payment, a payment instrument, such as Read More

Popular scams in vehicle insurance, pay attention and don’t be fooled!

Whether through television or newspapers, daily news about people who suffered scams in the acquisition of different goods and services, from land purchases to loan applications, and the insurance sector is no stranger to that. When looking for insurance for your car, it is important to look for a serious and reliable company that already Read More

Can I take a mortgage without a down payment

Housing question worries many families, as it requires large investments and efforts. Attracting borrowed funds in 2018 for many is the only way to get their own housing. Standard mortgage terms imply a down payment from the personal savings of the future borrower. When there is no savings, the question arises whether it is possible Read More